Consulting Program & Class Schedule

Veritas offers the following programs
  • 미국 학부 입학 consulting program

    • foreign or boarding school students with SAT
    • domestic high school students without SAT
  • 미국 대학 편입 consulting program

    • US college students
    • domestic university students
  • 미국 대학원 입학 consulting program

    • Graduate schools
    • Professional schools: Business related MS, MBA, Law school, Medical school
  • GMAT Group Class Study (Verbal & Math)

    • Official Guide class (정규반)
    • 실전반
  • 1:1 GMAT 과외 Class (1on1 Class)

    • 개인 스케쥴에 맞춰 진행 (8회 기본)

* IELTS class 운영

* 자세한 내용은 베리타스 포스트( 를 참조.

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